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MABS is the brainchild of Paul Veldman, Founder and Chief Instructor of one of Australia’s most successful martial arts schools – Kando Martial Arts. A 5th degree Karate black belt, black belt in the Philippine Martial Arts and currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Paul is a martial arts student, instructor AND owner that has taken Kando from 1 school with 250 students to 6 schools and 2000 students in just 6 years. With considerable skill outside the martial arts industry too, Paul was a member of Victoria Police for 17 years.

During this time, he was an operational duties member, as a member of the Force Response Unit and later a “train the trainer” in Conflict Management, Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Forced Building Entry Techniques. He was also a Siege and Hostage Negotiator. As a martial arts school owner, Paul worked harder and harder to grow a successful business. Like many others before him and no doubt, plenty after him, Paul burnt out. Realising that it was foolish to continue in this same way, Paul hired a mentor and spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. He applied this knowledge to growing his school and wants to do the same for others. Specialising in retention, instructor training and team building, as well as the many other day-to-day skills that add up to running a successful club, Paul created MABS to help provide guidance and assistance to businesses who do not have the financial luxury typically needed for a consultancy service. His aim? To help committed martial arts business owners gain the same success as Kando through access and assistance to programs he currently uses in his own clubs.


50% Owner of International Goju Karate schools and My Fitness Kickboxing. Rod founded International Goju Karate Schools in 2002. Rod knew right away that he had to learn as much as he could about business and marketing if he was to be successful as a school owner. He surrounded himself with the best mentors he could find and set a goal to read 1 book a week on business, marketing and leadership.

Over 400 books later and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in training and mentors the organisation now boasts with 7 full time clubs, 11 satellite clubs with a total of 2600 students. Rod shot to prominence this year when the Worlds Number 1 Facebook marketer said that the forward thinking karate school owner was the number 1 martial arts marketer on the planet after he generated 721 paid trials in 1 month. Some of Rod’s strongest areas of knowledge are Facebook marketing for martial arts, Staff/Instructor Training, Retention strategies, Excellent Kids Karate Instructor and Fitness Kickboxing programs. Rod previously ran the ’Titans’ Martial Arts coaching group, but he and Paul decided they could deliver a much better service to the industry by combining their resources.


I was just informed that I have an 18.1% increase on the previous month through EFC. Thanks for providing the way and the support Paul Veldman. Also than you yo the MABS crew for ongoing encouragment. I would still be stumbling around my own misconceptions had it not been for Paul and MABS. Of course there are others that have also helped me with priceless guidance but just wanted to say thanks here at teh start of the week before the grind begins. I have stepped back a fraction the past week to improe my footing but I am back and ready to go again.

Brett Austin

Diamond Martial Arts & Health

I’d like to provide my high recommendation for this program. I work in marketing / communications inmy day-to-day job, and I’d like to think I’m fairly okay at it, but it’s important to recognise that every niche is different, and that to not think you can continue to learn is inefficient to making your school a better one (the group is also not just about marketing). For me it is not about just growing, or making money (we’re a non-profit) it is about being the premier martial arts school in our region, and many of the ideas, discussions and packets included with the MABS paid program have helped me improve and deliver better outcomes for my programs, and I’ve only only been a member for a few months.

Reece Cummings

We decided to get out, and moved into our own place, which was the best thing we couldhave done – massive leap of faith, but we were sick with worry as to what we were doing. Then I found MABS and titans, and well, the rest is history – I had no idea how to run a martial arts business. Steve had really only been doing it as a hobby, but I have changed it around and when I say I had tears in my eyes, it really makes me so emotional.

Suzanne Butler

When I joined up with MABS I decided I should set some kind of a goal. I’m a part time school owner so run a modest club – 30 students on contract. I decided to set an ambitious goal to double my membership over 6 months. I started redesigning some things, took a recommendation to get George Fourie onto my website and marketing strategy but because a few things got in the way didn’t get my new website up and running until this year. Started my first fb promo based on George’s strategy approx 2 weeks ago. Just had my 32nd paid trial come through. It remains to be seen how many of those trials covert to post trial membership but it certainly feels like we’re on our way. And that’s just with one FB campaign. Still on the to do is a 9 word email campaign to past students, google adwords, video campaign etc etc. Thanks Paul for this group it really started to change my abition for the school. And to George, and Trent Rice for the sales pitch on the ferry.

Michael Fooks

Paul Veldman just thought I’d share the success of your campaign contacting old members. We were surprised on the amount of old members that took up on the offer we have only done the campaign at one of our centres and have booked in close to 20 members so far!

Terrence Fernandez

There is a very satisfying feeling when you have to write 80 personalised emails to new students who are about to start their journey in Martial arts. Over the moon to welcome so many students at our Annual intake at a local school… Hope this continues for 2018!!!! Thank you everyone – please do not stop to discuss your experiences in this forum as they are an awesome source of information that is easily implemented or to avoid and most importantly to learn from… Thanks for constant encouragement Paul Veldman!!

Pravin Bhatia


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