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One Lesson Unlocked $30,000 For Andrew
"One lesson in particular really hit home with me and it unlocked $30,000 that was stuck in my business. I now have a tight grip on my numbers and my cashflow thanks to MABS".
Andrew Grace
PenninsuLA karate
Dave Doubled His Business During Covid!
"It's a true story! What MABS taught me about online student engagement not only saved my business from shrinking, it actually helped me grow by more than 100% during Covid lockdown."
Dave Friendman
Krav maga australia

being a great martial arts instructor is not enough!

Being passionate about your art is one thing, running a successful martial arts business is another!
I know what it's like to teach martial arts because you love it. I also know how hard it can be trying to grow a martial arts business. 

I went from having to pay the studio rent out of my full time job wages, and feeling burnt out, to creating a very comfortable lifestyle for my family. The shift from struggling and being frustrated, to financial freedom and enjoying my martial arts more than ever, came when I finally made the decision to get some help. I engaged the services of several businesses coaches.

This decision was the turning point that changed everything beyond what I could have imagined. 

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Paul Veldman

From police officer to Successful Martial Arts Organisation
As a former Victoria Police Officer, Paul's roles included being a “Train the Trainer” in Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Conflict Management, a Forced Building Entry Instructor, and Siege and Hostage Negotiator.

In 1996, during a police training accident, Paul injured his knee requiring a full reconstruction. Bored out of his brain not being able to train, he ended up on the mats helping out his Sensei with classes.

Sometime later his instructor said, “There’s a building down the road that would make a good dojo, how would you like to run a club?” Paul thought, “How hard could it be?” How’s that for a business plan!

What followed was far from smooth sailing, but, that was then - this is now: