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Frequently asked questions

Need to clarify something, here are some of our most commonly asked questions.
How does the personal coaching in Legacy PLUS work?
Every month you'll join Paul in a zoom call for a one-hour private strategy coaching session. Paul will look under the bonnet of your business and provide individual advice, answer questions and help you with your challenges to keep you moving forward.
What happens when I join?
Once you've selected your payment option and completed the checkout process you'll receive an email with your log log-in details within 60 seconds so you can get cracking right away!
Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope, there are no contracts. When you join us to access the MABS University you do so on an automated ongoing month by month basis that you can cancel any time.
Can I get all the training at once?
There really is no "all at once". MABS university provides ongoing training every month.
Can I join for just one month?
Yep. However, in order to get the most benefit from your membership, you'll really need to commit to goals and outcomes. Whilst you can transform your business in a relatively short time frame, you need to be realistic about real sustainable business growth.
When does my payment come out?
Your payment is not processed on the 1st of the month, or on the same date every month, instead payments are processed when you first join and then every 30 days.
What happens when I cancel my membership?
Your payments will stop when you submit the cancel membership form, but, you will still have full access until the end of the payment cycle when access automatically expires.
Can I get a refund if my business doesn’t grow?
The strategies and techniques taught inside MABS can absolutely change your business for the better, but, we can't take action for you. We do not offer refunds, but, rest assured if you implement what you learn inside MABS, your business will grow!
Can I get personal advice if I need it?
MABS University is our entry-level self-paced program and doesn't include personal coaching, however, you can always reach out via our contact form if you have a general question. For personal mentoring please check out our MABS Legacy program!
Are there any special offers available?
Yep! If you've made the decision that you're serious about growing your business you might like to consider investing in MABS University for 12 months from the 'get go'. If you choose that payment option you'll pay for 10 months and receive the full 12 months access, effectively receiving two months free!
Can I switch from MABS University to MABS legacy?
Yep! Once you've checked out all the details of the Legacy program, book a call with Paul for a quick discovery chat, just to make sure Legacy is the right step for you. You'll find the booking form on the Legacy page.

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