This FAQ section should be your first port of call if you’re stuck on anything and need a quick answer, we’ll add more FAQ’s as we go along and find ourselves answering the same Q’s time and time again.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Simply head to the Facebook GroupĀ and tag one of us (or both of us) and we’ll get back to you asap.

How often are new packets released and when?

A brand new packet will be available on the 1st of every month.

Click on PACKETS you’ll see the most recent packet’s waiting for you.

You can also click on the main categories of MARKETING, MANAGEMENT or LEADERSHIP to find a topic you’re keen to learn about. Over time each category will be full to the brim.

What are the Live Calls about?

Twice a month (on the 1st AND 3rd Tues @ 9am) we run live calls to answer any questions you have about ANY of the packets.

This is also your opportunity to pick our brains about topics outside of the packets we’ve released so far.

You can consider these calls Live Group Coaching Calls, these calls are your time to ask us anything you like.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

Of course we would be very sad to see you leave however we know that sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

To cancel your subscription…

Simply click the ‘My Account’ icon in the nav bar. Then under Account Details right next to ‘Membership Level’ you’ll see the word ‘cancel’. Clicking cancel will cancel your membership.

***Before you go remember that if you decide to join later the membership price will go up, right now your price is locked in for ever at the sign up price.

Didn’t like the last packet?? We’re sure you’re going to love the next one, so please consider these things before you leave***

Please note…

Subscriptions are re-billed every 30 days. That means if you cancel 15 days after your last subscription payment, you will have 15 more days to view the content in the membership site. If you cancel 1 day after your last subscription payment you will have 29 more days to view the content in the membership site.

Can I request a topic for a future Packet?

Of course you can! We love that! This site and its content is driven by YOU and your want’s so by all means let us know.

Go to the Facebook Page and tag us with your idea and if we think enough people will love it, we’ll add it to our list.

What if I lose my login details?

“If you lose your details go to the login page (mabs.staging.wpengine.com). There there’s a link that says ‘reset password’. From there just enter your email address and a reset your password link will be emailed out to you.