My entry into the world of martial arts instructor / school ownership probably began a lot like yours......

[ie: With little to ZERO knowledge about business ]

In 1996, training in VicPol, I blew my knee out requiring a full reconstruction. Bored out of my brain not being able to train, I ended up on the mats helping out my Instructor with classes. Sometime later my Instructor said to me “There’s a building down the road that would make a good dojo, do you want to run a club?”  

I thought to myself, “Sure, how hard could it be?”  

How’s that for a business plan? Famous almost last words.  

After the first 12 months, we had 22 students. My wife and I were paying the rent out of our wages. With only 3 months of time left on the first lease option, we decided to throw the last of our disposable cash at a flyer drop. If this didn’t work, we would close the club.  

It had some limited success. We doubled our numbers, and then limped along like a wounded duck for the next few years. Just enough students to be loving what we were doing, but never enough to cover more than the bare basics of the business. In reality, we taught for free for several years.  

During this time we had our twins. That made 3 children, with my daughter already a karate “orphan”, spending more time in the foyer of the club than at home.  

Between working a full time job in the Police Force, and being at the club six days a week, my average week was 70 – 80 hours. My wife was pretty much a single mother.  

I would burn out and get sick every 6 months or so, then get back into the saddle again. It was during this time I lost the only instructor I had, a young fellow who helped out on the mats, but got a promotion at his work that took him away from the area. 

Around this time I went to a Martial Arts business weekend, the first I had ever been to. Suddenly my eyes were opened. Business planning? Marketing? All new concepts, but it was like a life line had been thrown out.  

So the club grew. It started to generate an income. But was still not enough to make it my full time job, so I continued to work crazy hours.  

Roll around to 10 years ago, where I started working with my first Business Coach. Mind you, I could not afford him! I literally combed through our cars looking for any change that had fallen down the seats so I could put it in the bank to cover the cost!  

This was the scariest, and best move I ever did in my martial arts business (opening up the club SHOULD have been the scariest, but I was too naïve to realise it).  

Under this business mentor, we grew the club to around 250 students. He then did a “School Audit” for us, looking at systems, classes, sitting in on staff meetings. I remember the light bulb moment like it was yesterday.  

Business Coach: “Your students are fantastic. How much energy and work do you put into training them?”  

Me: “Well, all of my energy and time, I guess. I love what we do.”  

Business Coach: “How much energy, time and resources do you put into finding, training and developing a Leadership Team or staff?”  

The silence was resounding. I couldn’t answer it, because I DIDN'T DO IT! And the crazy thing? My job in the Police Force was to train Police Instructors.  

Business Coach: “Without a strong instructor development program, you’ll be the one taking classes. Forever.”  

Is this resonating??  

Like you, my focus had always been on delivering fantastic classes and exceptional customer service. Important - in fact critical - for sure, but this only goes so far towards growing a school.  

So I shifted my focus into developing a team who could do what I did as well as, or better than, me.  

In 2009 we hit 300 students and outgrew our current facility so we moved to a new location.  

In 2010 I left the Police Force to go full time in running the club.  

In 2015, we opened our second club.  

Four years later that club has 500+ students.  

Kando now has 6 clubs, and over 2000 students.  

Along the way I’ve worked with some incredible mentors, either to introduce or improve on various aspects of our Martial Arts business. One of the most important lessons was that I didn’t have to have all the answers, but to find the people who did.  

As Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  

Most of my original assistant instructors now have their own clubs. I enjoy my martial arts more now than ever and I have the TIME to enjoy MY training, something that wasn’t alway available when I was teaching every class!

 I’m in a position now where I teach classes WHEN I want.  

The lifestyle we now enjoy as a family is better than I would have imagined.  

And, importantly, I can help my club owners (and others) replicate this.  

There are no shortcuts, the work and sweat equity needs to be put in.  

But the crazy hours, not seeing family for days at a time, the stress and burnout, can be avoided.  


I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that you didn’t have to do this alone anymore.  

No more trying to figure things out on your own but instead all you need do is follow in my footsteps every month and do what I do.  

Right now I have 6 club, some I own or part own, some licenced, all of them successful.  

Club 1: 820 members - my original club. Under full mangement with an amazing team of instructors.  

Club 2: 534 members in 4 years

Club 3: 437 members in 3 years

Club 4: 116 members in 2 years - and this club only runs on Saturday mornings in a school hall.

Club 5: 51 members in less than 1 year - part time scout hall.

Club 6: 137 members IN 6 MONTHS.  

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…I’ll be sharing the same information, systems and processes I share with my instructors every month.  

My MABS INNER CIRCLE Mastermind Program is for school owners who are ready do invest in their futures, step up and get serious about the growth of their businesses.  

I’m going to make it the process of growing your school and building a team simple.  

REGARDLESS of where you’re at right now…whether you have a small leadership team or none at all.  


Leadership - this is both the future, the growth, and your ticket to choice of lifestyle

Marketing - how to generate a consitant, predictable growth, as well as becoming the "go to" school

Systems - the process and procedures that bind it all together, allowing you to have a consistant result, with the ability to REPLICATE into multiple locations.  


As part of my inner circle you’ll become part of my team and I’ll be sharing everything you need to grow your school and begin to extract yourself from the grind of teaching countless classes.  

Every week we’ll hold a team meeting via Zoom .  

At the beginning of every month you’ll set growth targets that will become the focus for the month ahead. 

I take care of the how, you’ll simply do what I do to get the same result I do every month.  

We’ll cover marketing.  

The systems that support your schools growth.  

Team training so your people know how to convert highly.  

It took me many years, 10’s of thousands of dollars, and many costly mistakes to learn all that I know and over that time I’ve developed a winning system, a system that generates predictable growth in my schools month after month. As one of my old business coaches said to me: "I might not have all the answers, but I've made most of the mistakes."

And for the first time ever I’m sharing that with you.  


School Owners who know that in order to grow then need to invest in quality support and information and that the monthly fee will yield a return on investment every month if they do the work.  

School Owners who are pro-active go-getters and prepared to do the work required every month.  

School Owners who know that creating a legacy is not an overnight fix but rather a longterm endeavour.  


Anyone not prepared to invest in the growth of their school.  

Anyone who has one foot in and one foot out - I only work with school owners who are fully committed to the program and the growth of their schools.  

Anyone not willing to implement the strategies I bring every month.


$997 p/m (or just ONE new or retained student)

This level gets you the four group coaching calls every month.  

Access to all of the resources I make available to you (my own systems etc).  

1 Free ticket to the annual MABS Conference

The facebook community where I will be hanging out, as will a strong group of like minded club owners.

$1997 p/m (LIMITED TO 10 PLACES) - (or TWO new or retained students per month)

This level gets you all of the above PLUS 1 private coaching session every month.  

A place at our exclusive Inner Circle Mastermind event.

When you work with me privately you have access to the coaching call along with email support in between our sessions if required.  

(The last Martial Arts Business Success Summit)

Sound good? HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT....

To ensure the quality of the group (we’ll be working together very closely) I’ll be speaking with each potential participant and if I think you’re a great fit for the program (and I'm a great fit for you) I’ll offer you a place on the program.