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You want to grow your martial arts business, but nothing seems to work.

I’ve been there! For a long time I was stuck on low student numbers, paying the studio rent out of my wages, and feeling burnt out!
We put our heart and soul into our students. We share our passion for our martial arts with them and want to see them grow. Passion alone doesn’t pay the bills though!

Going to the club to teach classes used to get you excited, but, that excitement can start to wear off. It doesn’t get easier, in fact it can get worse if you keep doing the same things just hoping the situation will improve, maybe to the point where you even consider closing the doors!

It can be incredibly frustrating when you know you have something special to offer, but, things just aren’t going according to plan.

The martial arts business success online university

It doesn’t have to be this way! You just need to know the right things to do and the right way to do them! MABS University is an online resource designed to help martial arts studio owners move from frustration to momentum! You’ll learn how to go from wearing all the hats, to building a properly structured system that doesn’t rely on you doing everything! MABS University is the toolbox you need to move the needle forward!

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Here's what you can expect when you join MABS University

Learn how to build an effective leadership team to create leverage and capacity in your business. 
Discovery how to generate consistent, predictable growth and become the go-to school in your area.
Give each student the same great experience regardless of the instructor or location they are training at.

I can't speak highly enough of Paul and his program.

A big shout out and massive thank you to MABS for helping me grow my small club from 22 students to 60 in a few months. I've got to add, it was pretty easy once I knew what I didn't know!
Richard Taylor - Tan Kyu Shin
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Who is MABS University For?

MABS Uni is designed for the martial arts business owner. If you’re ready to take action and implement the strategies and methods in this program, the next 12 months could completely transform your business. 
how does it work?

MABS university Online Training

Martial Arts Business Success University is an online coaching program. 
Every month you receive a new package that you work through and implement at your own pace.

a new 3 part package every month!


Business Development

Every month you'll receive a new business development training module that will address key business elements to help you grow your school. Just some of the training topics include creating multiple revenue streams, implementing a strategic referral program, student retention strategies, building a leadership team, and much, much more!

Marketing Package

Every month you'll receive a marketing package that includes a marketing concept, how to create an offer, and where and how to position the offer for the highest return on investment. The monthly marketing package also includes, already done for you, artwork that you can swipe and deploy!

Bonus Material

You'll also have access to the bonus material section that is packed full of ideas you can implement right away to help generate extra income for your business. There's training around, things like, understanding life time value of students, student to value ratios, and hidden areas within your business that could and should be tapped into to create additional income bumps and serve your students better.
A Good Fit

is mabs university the right program?

"Our MABS University program is ideal for a martial arts business owner needing help to breakthrough a plateau. Whether you're just getting your school set up, or, you've been at it for a while and just need some fresh ideas and advice, the MABS University online program will help get your business moving in the right direction" - Paul Veldman, MABS Founder
not a good fit

Not for you if...

you care more about money than your students.
you expect results without the hard work.
you're not open to feedback or advice.
you're not 100% committed to growing your business.
you're not prepared to step out of your comfort zone.
perfect fit

Perfect For You...

your students are your priority.
you are prepared to work hard.
you're prepared to challenge yourself.
you are open to feedback and advice.
you're prepared to take action on the training offered.
About your coach

Paul Veldman

From police officer to Successful Martial Arts Organisation
As a former Victoria Police Officer, Paul's roles included being a “Train the Trainer” in Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Conflict Management, a Forced Building Entry Instructor, and Siege and Hostage Negotiator.

In 1996, during a police training accident, Paul injured his knee requiring a full reconstruction. Bored out of his brain not being able to train, he ended up on the mats helping out his Sensei with classes.

Sometime later his instructor said, “There’s a building down the road that would make a good dojo, how would you like to run a club?” Paul thought, “How hard could it be?” How’s that for a business plan!

What followed was far from smooth sailing, but, that was then - this is now:

Here’s what people are saying about MABS Founder, Paul Veldman

Here’s how other MABS University members have created breakthroughs, and grown their martial arts business as a result of implementing what they’re learning inside MABS University under Paul's guidance.
Club Grows From Strength to Strength
The content Paul offers is fantastic! 
Since becoming part of the MABS program my club has grown from strength to strength. The solutions you provide, Paul, along with the step by step methods, have me feeling more positive and up to date with current strategies. I now move forward with a little more conviction and a lot more understanding. We don’t know what we don’t know! Thank you, again, Brett.
Brett Austin
Yamba Diamond Martial Arts
Yamba, New South Wales.
Campaign Advice Pays For Itself Twice Over!
Paul is a really great presenter!
When we decided to take the plunge and run our first ever advertising campaign back in February, we followed Paul's strategy. In 3 weeks and a conservative budget, the campaign generated 31 paid trials for our adults karate classes, and we’re now in the process of signing up students as their trials finish. The campaign paid for itself twice over just with the trial packages sold every student enrolled is now new income and new energy! 
Toni Rice
The ballarat dojo
ballarat, Victoria.
Great Value

just One New Student Will Cover The Entire Cost Of Your MABS Uni Program!

Let’s think about that – If you charge $25 per week for your martial arts school membership, the very first new student you get will pay for your MABS education. Every month that new student is with you, they’re covering the cost of your MABS education. Every new student after that is pure profit!

You could continue with the trial and error method, which we know costs time and money, or you could fast track your progress and learn from someone who has been there and done that and can show you the path. A business degree through a university could cost you as much as $12,000!

MASB University is not that type of university! It’s a practical program delivered by MABS coaches, lead by Paul, who have real world results.  
This business education is your fast track to growing your martial arts business.


Month by Month - Cancel Anytime
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Monthly business development
Monthly marketing package
Monthly bonus material
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Pay for 10 months and get 2 months free
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Monthly business development
Monthly marketing package
Monthly bonus material
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Here's what people are saying about MABS university

Here’s how other MABS University members have created breakthroughs, and grown their martial arts business as a result of implementing what they’re learning inside MABS University.
MABS Exceeded Chris' Expectations
"I needed help with some staff issues and the level of help I get from the MABS program far exceeded what I pay for. I can't thank MABS enough. Come and join this program!"
Chris Oakley
Martial Journey
point cook, Victoria.
Love The Social Media Marketing Training
"I've tried other online programs, but, nothing has given me the results that MABS has. The social media marketing coaching alone is a key to my school's growth".
Dave Richardson
Kungfu south side
BRISBANE, Queensland.
Launched a new program with full classes!
I launched my kinder new ninja & little dragons programs and both classes were full! I had nothing but positive feedback from the parents afterwards saying how much they liked the program and how professionally run it was. Thanks for all the help Paul, MABS is amazing!
Phillip Lai
Australian Combat Sports Academy
Thornbury, Victoria.

Frequently asked questions

Need to clarify something, here are some of our most commonly asked questions to help you.
What happens when I join?
Once you've selected your payment option and completed the checkout process you'll receive an email with your log log-in details within 60 seconds so you can get cracking right away!
Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope, there are no contracts. When you join us to access the MABS University you do so on an automated ongoing month by month basis that you can cancel any time.
Can I get all the training at once?
There really is no "all at once". MABS university provides ongoing training every month.
Can I join for just one month?
Yep. However, in order to get the most benefit from your membership, you'll really need to commit to goals and outcomes. Whilst you can transform your business in a relatively short time frame, you need to be realistic about real sustainable business growth.
When does my payment come out?
Your payment is not processed on the 1st of the month, or on the same date every month, instead payments are processed when you first join and then every 30 days.
What happens when I cancel my membership?
Your payments will stop when you submit the cancel membership form, but, you will still have full access until the end of the payment cycle when access automatically expires.
Can I get a refund if my business doesn’t grow?
The strategies and techniques taught inside MABS can absolutely change your business for the better, but, we can't take action for you. We do not offer refunds, but, rest assured if you implement what you learn inside MABS, your business will grow!
Can I get personal advice if I need it?
MABS University is our entry-level self-paced program and doesn't include personal coaching, however, you can always reach out via our contact form if you have a general question. For personal mentoring please check out our MABS Legacy program!
Are there any special offers available?
Yep! If you've made the decision that you're serious about growing your business you might like to consider investing in MABS University for 12 months from the 'get go'. If you choose that payment option you'll pay for 10 months and receive the full 12 months access, effectively receiving two months free!
Can I switch from MABS University to MABS legacy?
Yep! Once you've checked out all the details of the Legacy program, book a call with Paul for a quick discovery chat, just to make sure Legacy is the right step for you. You'll find the booking form on the Legacy page.
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Month by Month - Cancel Anytime
Instant access
Cancel any time
Monthly business development
Monthly marketing package
Monthly bonus material
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Pay for 10 months and get 2 months free
Instant access
Includes 2 months free
Monthly business development
Monthly marketing package
Monthly bonus material
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My wish for you.

My passion nearly caused me to burn out completely. However, the turning point was investing in my education. Since then I’ve been able to create a thriving martial arts business that allows me to teach when I want, not when I have to.

This gives me tremendous joy, plenty of freedom, financial security and the opportunity to serve my students by sharing my passion with them – this is what I want for you.

Come and join me inside MABS and let’s create this for you.
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